Why does your pet need Digestive Enzymes?

Digestion could not take place without enzymes. They break down the healthy foods that we feed our pets, unlocking the nutrients that benefit their bodies.

Digesting different types of food requires different enzymes.

There are four basic types to start the process:


Breaks down protein found in meats, etc.


Breaks down fats from meats and fish oils.


Breaks down carbohydrates (starches) found in grains, vegetables, etc.


Breaks down fibres and cell walls of fruits, vegetables, grains.

What makes our Digestive Supplements different from others?

Non GMO, human-grade ingredients, no fillers, small dosages = easy to feed!

We have 4 digestive enzymes + 2 prebiotics in each blend + 6 probiotics strains in our Good Digestion formula.


Probiotics provide and encourage healthy intestinal flora and can be referred to as good bacteria. A lack of good bacteria in most cases leads to yeast overgrowth which contributes to many other problems. Providing probiotics in supplement form ensures the gut has healthy intestinal balance for optimal digestion and health.


Prebiotics are important in a digestive supplement because they will assist the good bacteria already present in the GI tract and the new ones introduced through feeding probiotics. Helping them flourish and multiply keeps the immune system strong. Chicory Inulin and Pea Fibre are both proven prebiotics. 

Pumpkin Plus is a delicious way to add fibre, antioxidants and vitamins to your pet’s diet on a regular basis or to remedy any of these troubles:

●  Loose stools  ●  Constipation  ●  Upset stomach  ●  Anal gland health

●  Weight gain  ●  Hair balls  ●  Transitioning foods  ●  Picky eaters